Eddy Crowley here, as usual I'm a bipolar dyslexic with near no alphabetical or numerical key word recall,

I document from memory and know I would have seen 'Triad cards' on new 'Battle-Star Galactia' and forgot,

only to re see Starbuck chomping a cigar ruling poker with near my hexdex7 a few years later.


As Homer Simpson would say 'DOH !'.

www.chariot-auto.com too with film 'Silent Running'.

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new format playing cards, 7 suits, 91 cards, gambling, poker, eddy crowley

A new take on traditional playing cards called HexDex7, it's 7 suits on a hex shaped deck (Hearts, clubs, diamonds, spades, rings, keys and gems). A new style of playing cards that are designed for a poker game called 'HexDex7 poker' based on 'Southern Cross poker' but with a hex 7 card layout in place of the cross, instructions below. With up to 12 players it can be a high hands and high stakes game.


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Offering a free hex deck to print off the site (HexDex7 link), cut out and then start evolving your own choice of subject matter and imagery.


It is the evolution of standard playing cards to the hexdex7 format that I'm trying to establish.


With up to 3 extra suits for game play. Hexdex7 poker is the first new card game to come out of the 7 suit format,

many new games to follow shortly, or you can remove the 3 new suits and play with a standard format deck.


HexDex7's cards are designed to be image based, on the inner hexagon. Start developing your own deck design from the

blank HexDex7 pack download link below. You can evolve your own deck style and theme, photograph them and upload

your images, as an attachment to email eddy@hex7art.com


The decks that will be for sale via the site are to be themed from catalogue of pre designed and manufactured decks, or user's own

choice, uploaded to the web site. Decks will be manufactured to order, once design has been finalised limited editons or bulk

manufactured decks will be produced. The back's of the hex cards will be a design of your choice, crest of arms, tartan or business logo.

This site will also become an online resource for printing out your own deck direct to your printer.

Other paper or card based games will also be available to print of the site.

A range of 'Official HexDex7' decks will be manufactured for distribution via this website and via retail and tourism establishments.

eddy crowley

HexDex7 Poker in the work place.


HexDex7's poker game first draft:


HexDex7's poker concept. Draft 2.


HexDex7 with images on deck, face cards.


HexDex7's website development page, how concept will evolve.


FaithDex, most recent version of HexDex7 game.



Please print out the blank HexDex7 card deck below on thin card or photo paper, cut out and help develop the format

using the inner space on cards to draw characters or write names on i.e. football team, per suit or politicians or rally cars,

whatever groupings you can think of, help evolve the range diversity of the new format and upload to email eddy@hex7art.com

This is an open source project to establish the HexDex7 format.



Word doc. of free HexDex7 playing cards ( above link ).



Acrobat doc. of free HexDex7 playing cards ( above link ).


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Thankyou for visiting the site, I hope you enjoyed the content, any comments welcome.


Please like my Face Book page and leave feedback :https://www.facebook.com/hexdex7



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